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    Canadian Cardiovascular Society Guidelines for Evaluation and Management of Cardiovascular Complications of Cancer Therapy

    Can. j. cardiol; 32 (7), 2016
    Modern treatment strategies have led to improvements in cancer survival, however, these gains might be offset by the potential negative effect of cancer therapy on cardiovascular health. Cardiotoxicity is now recognized as a leading cause of long-term morbidity and mortality among cancer survivors. This ...

    SEOM guide to primary and secondary prevention of cancer: 2014

    Clin. transl. oncol; 16 (12), 2014
    PURPOSE: The current incidence of cancer in the world is 14 million cases in 2012, with a mortality rate of 8.2 million in that year. The incidence of cancer in Spain exceeds 215,000 cases a year, and survival rates are the highest when compared to those of our neighbouring countries. Among the reasons f...