SEOM guide to primary and secondary prevention of cancer: 2014

    Clin. transl. oncol; 16 (12), 2014
    Año de publicación: 2014


    The current incidence of cancer in the world is 14 million cases in 2012, with a mortality rate of 8.2 million in that year. The incidence of cancer in Spain exceeds 215,000 cases a year, and survival rates are the highest when compared to those of our neighbouring countries. Among the reasons for the steady decrease in cancer mortality rates in Spain, two causes must be highlighted: the increasing efficacy of treatment and prevention measures. It is important evaluate the opportunity of early detection and prevention in these tumors.


    We have reviewed the evidence published in the most prevalent tumors. The evidence levels described in this paper are based on the GRADE system.


    We show the recommendations about primary and secondary prevention in breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer.


    The diffusion of these preventive tools can reduce the incidence of cancer and increase the number of early diagnostics in the most prevalent tumors.(AU)

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