1. Improve individual clinicians’ proficiency in the diagnosis and management of MH problems; 2. Strengthen cooperation and collaboration by:
    a. developing a common language by using a common clinical tool- the mhGAP-IG; b. exploring models of ongoing and future knowledge exchange and interactions about clinical realities. 3. Compare and confront different perspectives and different models of healthcare organization; 4. Help with clinical practices to better enable the integration of MH interventions.


    The aim of this training program is to improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes on the topic of mental health, as well as supporting actual practice change and integration to accommodate mental health into primary care practices. Module 1:
    Common Presentations of Mental Health Disorders Module 2: Mental Disorders often presenting in Youth and Young Adulthood Module 3: Translating, Integrating and Sustaining Skills in Mental Health Module 4: Neurological Disorders Module 5: Addictive Disorders


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