Ongoing living update of potential COVID-19 therapeutics: summary of rapid systematic reviews - 25 March 2021

    Publication year: 2021

    The urgent need for evidence on measures to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic had led to a rapid escalation in numbers of studies testing potential therapeutic options. The vast amount of data generated by these studies must be interpreted quickly so that physicians have the information to make optimal treatment decisions and manufacturers can scale-up production and bolster supply chains. Moreover, obtaining a quick answer to the question of whether or not a particular intervention is effective can help investigators involved in the many ongoing clinical trials to change focus and pivot to more promising alternatives. Since many physicians are currently using treatments that rely on compassionate-use exemptions or off-label indications to treat patients with COVID-19, it is crucial that they have access to the most up-to-date research evidence to inform their treatment decisions. To address this evidence gap, we compiled the following database of evidence on potential therapeutic options for COVID-19. We hope this information will help investigators, policy makers, and prescribers navigate the flood of relevant data to ensure that management of COVID-19, at both individual and population levels, is based on the best available knowledge. We will endeavor to continually update this resource as more research is released into the public space.