Ongoing living update of potential COVID-19 therapeutics options: summary of evidence - 26 August 2021

    Publication year: 2021

    The vast amount of data generated by clinical studies of potential therapeutic options for COVID-19 presents important challenges. The new data must be interpreted quickly so that prescribers can make optimal treatment decisions with as little harm to patients as possible, and so that medicines manufacturers can scale up production rapidly and bolster their supply chains. Rapid interpretation of fresh data will save lives by ensuring that successful drugs can be administered to as many patients as possible as quickly as possible. This publication, the 25th edition of the database of evidence on potential therapeutic options for COVID-19, examines 137 therapeutic options. This information will help investigators, policymakers, and prescribers navigate the flood of relevant data to ensure that management of COVID-19, at both individual and population levels, is based on the best available knowledge. This resource will be continually updated as more research is released into the public space.