What is the evidence on policies, interventions and tools for establishing and/or strengthening national health research systems and their effectiveness?

    Publication year: 2020

    High-quality research is important for improving population health and well-being and for achieving the health-related Sustainable Development Goals. The challenges facing individuals, organizations and countries in securing research funding and building research capacity, and then using these resources effectively, have led to renewed interest in adopting a systems approach to national health research systems strengthening. This report found that health research strategies play a key role in combining the diverse interventions to strengthen specific health research system functions into an overall system. Good practices in research systems strengthening were identified as health ministry involvement in and sustained political commitment to the comprehensive research strategy, and, where appropriate, integration of the health research system into the wider health system. Policy considerations include actions to ensure a contextual analysis to inform a comprehensive strategy; stakeholder engagement, including in priority-setting; monitoring and evaluation tools focused on system objectives; and partnerships.