Identifying optimal ways to collect, distill and provide efficient access to personal health information in emergency situations

    Publication year: 2014

    We did not identify systematic reviews that addressed information-exchange systems. Of the 16 studies we identified that focused on approaches to supporting information exchange between sites and stakeholders, 13 specifically focused on health information exchange (HIE) systems that have been widely implemented in the United States.(2-14) In general, HIE is a process by which patient-level electronic health information is shared between stakeholders (e.g., clinicians, provider organizations, laboratories), and has been identified as a solution to the fragmentation and isolation of personal health information in healthcare settings.(14) The information shared may include test imaging results, discharge summaries and medication lists. These health records may be used in a variety of settings, including EDs to quickly obtain personal health information.(10) In addition to HIE systems, we identified three studies addressing other models of information exchange systems, including electronic patient care reports,(15;16) and electronic links between EDs and family physicians.

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