What quantitative and qualitative methods have been developed to measure community empowerment at a national level?

    Publication year: 2018

    Community empowerment has been frequently studied at subnational levels but it is less clear how to measure it at a national level. Mixed methods approaches would be advantageous, using quantitative data from databases plus qualitative information to derive a range of variables and indicators. This report identifies assessment methods that have been used and evidence for integrating qualitative and quantitative data for national assessments. When resources are limited or there is no current practice of measurement of community empowerment, the simplest approach is to combine a selection of quantitative variables and indicators available in statistical databases. When resources can be allocated, a more systematic approach would supplement such accessible data with some form of rapid qualitative assessment. Ideally, a formal national monitoring and evaluation system would be instituted that collects all the relevant quantitative and qualitative data and combines these into a regularly updated assessment.