CE156/INF: Regional goals for human resources for health 2007-2015: final report

Publication year: 2015

In September 2007, the 27th Pan American Sanitary Conference adopted Resolution CSP27.R7, Regional Goals for Human Resources for Health 2007-2015 (1), which sought to support the development of national action plans for human resources for health to strengthen primary health care and help achieve universal access to health and universal health coverage. 2.

The regional goals were adopted in the context of the Toronto Call to Action:

Towards a Decade of Human Resources in Health for the Americas, drawn from the VII Regional Meeting of the Observatory of Human Resources in Health, held in 2005 in Toronto (Canada) (2). 3. The goals were structured on the basis of the five critical challenges identified at the meeting. The Call to Action invited the countries of the Region to undertake a sustained effort to develop and invest in human resources for health over the span of a decade. The resolution on the 20 regional goals served to formalize this commitment. (AU)