CE162/26: Statement by the representative of the PAHO/WHO Staff Association

Publication year: 2018

In introducing this document, we wish to reiterate the commitment of the staff and the Association to the vision, mission, and values of the Organization. We are always mindful that the values of equity, excellence, solidarity, respect, and integrity should guide our actions and inspire new generations to better understand why we work for an institution like the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). The Association is an internal agent dedicated to supporting and working together to create a workplace environment that fosters high individual and organizational performance aimed at achieving the impact sought by the Member States to improve public health in our Hemisphere. On this occasion, the Staff Association will be reporting to the Executive Committee on the following topics: a) relations between the Association and Executive Management; b) the importance of a working environment that promotes trust and creativity; and c) a responsive system of internal justice. (AU)