Belize human resources for universal health strategic plan 2019-2024: a more efficient and robust health workforce by 2024

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Human Resources for Health (HRH) are a priority on the regional and global health development agenda, as a critical component of functional health systems that can ensure universal access to quality health care. The World Health Organization estimates that there will be a shortage of 12.9 million health care workers worldwide by 2035. The finding, if not addressed now, will have serious implications for the health of billions of people across all regions of the world. The Toronto Call to Action spurred a decade of commitment, work and investment at the regional and country levels to improve the availability, distribution, working conditions, and training of health teams. After the expiration of Belize’s Health Workforce Strategic Plan in 2014, a situational analysis to determine the key areas of failure and human resource gaps was considered the first stage to establish an informed road map so as to plan for the next decade. This five- year strategic plan is the first of its kind in the country in terms of going beyond numbers to address the human resources for health component. It aims to ensure the equitable distribution of appropriately skilled and motivated human resources for health to support the achievement of health outcomes in Belize and in particular the implementation of Belize’s Health Sector Strategic Plan 2014-2024. This plan comes at a time when there is great momentum and increasing concern for the further development of HRH. The Policy Analysis and Planning Unit in the Ministry of Health has led a highly consultative exercise to develop this national human resources for health strategic plan to address challenges affecting health care workers in Belize. The time is conducive for the development and full implementation of this plan. It is evident that a timely, reliable and relevant human resources for health strategic plan is essential to support the formulation, monitoring and evaluation, strategies and policies at the national level. It is through this human resources for health strategic plan that the work begins for a more efficient and robust health workforce in Belize. (AU)