CD14/9: Report for the formulation of planning methodology and training of the health planners

Publication year: 1963

The activities of the Pan American Health Organization in the field of planning in 1962 and the first part of 1963, in addition to assistance to Member Governments in the formulation and review of national health plans, stressed the development and standardization of methods of microand macro-planning for health in relation to social and economic development. Assistance was also given in the training of health personnel for planning. Within the framework of the review procedure for national plans established under the Alliance for Progress, the Office of Planning of PASB has also been involved to an increasing extent in interpreting national health plans to the Committee of Nine of the Alliance. As the planning method develops further, and technical liaison between the Office of Planning of PASB and national health authorities increases, assistance to Governments in health planning and the review and analysis of national health plans will be increasingly systematized on a formal basis. (AU)