Application of educational technology in the development of human resources on health

Publication year: 1975

Technology is the application of theoretical knowledge and scientific principles to the solution of problems; as related to education technology aims to improve the design, implementation and evaluation of teaching and learning. Thus, educational technology does not correspond to the introduction and operation of various kinds of technological devices, but it is oriented towards the interaction process between teacher, instructional material, media, and learner fighting to increase and improve the learning outcome. The expansion of students' enrollment not paralleled by the increase in the number of teachers, the low efficiency of learning, the cry for the individualization of the teaching-learning process, have led to a search for a more scientific approach to education. Analyzing the scarce progress of education throughout the years, one wonders what part scientific research has played on it. Making research findings available to educators is a method being used for years. However the rate at which this method brings about change is extremely slow. Teachers and administrators still consider research data as something remote from their own experience and day-to-day problems. (AU)