Home care in the Americas: issues related to organization and management

Publication year: 2003

The Region of the Americas, with a population of approximately 800 million, accounts for 13.5% of the world’s population and has achieved much by way of improvement in the health status of its peoples. With growing awareness of the influence of the broad determinants of health, health care has moved beyond the recognition of biological and behavioral causes of illness and diseases. PAHO has seized the opportunity to address health services in settings other than health care institutions. PAHO also recommends that home care, as a modality of health care, should be viewed as an equal alternative or complement to institutional care. In light of the ongoing health sector reform process, this is an opportune time to incorporate home care as an integral part of each country’s health care system. The bases for considering home care as a viable alternative are mainly epidemiological, demographic, technological, economic and social in nature. Each country within the Region must consider these factors in health services planning and development. (AU)