Evaluation of nursing and midwifery in the Region of the Americas: analysis of questionnaires completed by 33 of 35 countries

Publication year: 2002

This report is being done to document the progress made toward the implementation of World Health Assembly (WHA) Resolution 49.


Strengthening Nursing and Midwifery in the Region of the Americas. The WHO identified the need to strengthen the roles of nurses and midwives in 1948 and the first World Health Assembly then adopted the first resolution (WHA 1.46) addressing this issue. Since then, several resolutions have been passed unanimously by member countries of WHO to support the value of nursing and midwifery worldwide. The health needs of the region of the Americas continue to be significant today, although much progress has been made. The last resolution on nursing and midwifery before 49.1 was WHA 45.5 “Strengthening nursing and midwifery in support of strategies for health for all”, adopted in 1992. Additionally, when WHA 45.5 was developed, a Global Advisory Group on Nursing and Midwifery (GAG) was established to advise the Director-General of WHO on progress made on the implementation of the resolution (O’Brien-Pallas et al., 1997). (AU)