Core Data Human Resources for Health: Stocks and Flows – Education – Management. Belize 2009. Tracking Regional Goals for Human Resources for Health: A Shared Commitment

Publication year: 2010

The Government of Belize Health Sector Reform Program (2007-2011) emphasized strengthening the organizational and regulatory capacity of the public sector, service rationalization and improving coverage and quality of services, and the establishment of a National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). A principal aim of the reform program included a national policy to identify, streamline and better manage HRH. To that end, policies are being considered to (a) improve the distribution of HRH across the country; (b) to manage migration; and (c) to define guidelines for a HRH monitoring and evaluation strategy. The Belize Health Information System (BHIS) integrates health information and provides all citizens with an electronic health record. As part of this program, an HRH module has been developed as a key component of the information system, which will enhance the capacity to better manage HRH and provide up-to-date quantitative data for analysts and decision-makers. In support of the Belize Health Sector Reform Program, a national HRH unit (or technical post) and team, regional HRH planning committees, an HRH information system and an HRH strategic plan were all identified as priorities for action. (AU)