Core Data Human Resources for Health: Stocks and Flows – Education – Management. Barbados 2009. Tracking Regional Goals for Human Resources for Health: A Shared Commitment

Publication year: 2010

In its 2006 annual report, the World Health Organization reported on Human Resources for Health (HRH) among its member states. For many Caribbean nations, there were little data available. To improve this paucity of information, the PanAmerican Health Organization (PAHO) has partnered with the Ministry of Health of Barbados to support the systematic collection and analysis of HRH data in Barbados as part of the country’s 10-year commitment to health workforce development. This report is the result of this partnership, and summarises data from Barbados, one of fi ve Eastern Caribbean nations included in the project. In November 2007 a project Core Data Set was collectively defi ned through consensus among the participating Caribbean countries, and data collection in Barbados started in June 2008. The core dataset includes qualitative, quantitative and descriptive data items. Data were collected from a range of data sources, including census information, personnel and other administrative databases, and professional registration data. This report describes the general considerations and specifi c methodologies followed in assembling the Barbados HRH data set. Details of this new national resource are described, and summary statistics present an overview of the health workforce in Barbados. The report focuses on the number of healthcare workers per 10,000 population—“the density per 10,000”. Using this summary measure there are 13.1 doctors, 39.7 nurses and midwives, and 17.2 nursing assistants for every 10,000 people in Barbados. (AU)