Instrument N° 3. Program Description from the Implementers’ Perspective. HRH Program Evaluation Core Questionnaire. Belize

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This questionnaire includes at least 16 key questions that should serve as the basis for the evaluation of Human Resources for Health (HRH) programs, as a complimentary process to the measurement of regional goals for HRH. The questions are focused on providing a basic review and evaluation of the development, implementation and final outcomes of each of the HRH programs in relation to the objectives and HRH priorities identified by the countries. The results of this evaluation should improve the current and future efficiency and effectiveness of the programs and, at the same time, offer an opportunity to share important experiences. This questionnaire suggests a mix of possible responses to facilitate the evaluation exercise. In order to gain a diversity of perspectives in evaluating the selected program, the national teams should define a list of key informants to interview, considering the different stages of development, implementation, and management at the different levels (local, national and regional), beneficiaries of the program or other important considerations. (AU)