Con la ampliación del registro de literatura gris (literatura no convencional) en el área de RHS en América Latina y el Caribe, se creó este espacio para un acceso rápido a publicaciones de interés de la Red de Observatorios de Recursos Humanos de Salud, donde encontrará informes, guías, políticas y otras publicaciones técnicas y científicas con la posibilidad de utilizar filtros por tema, año de publicación, país, idioma, entre otros.


Interfase de búsqueda que permite la recuperación de documentos indexados del Repositorio de Recursos Humanos de Salud.

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Towards the construction of health workforce metrics for Latin America and the Caribbean

Hum Resour Health; 9 (1), 2011
Introduction: One of the components of the Health Observatory for Latin American and the Caribbean (HO-LAC) is the design and implementation of metrics for human resources for health. Under the HO-LAC initiative, researchers from nine countries in the region formed the Collaborative Community on Human Re...

Human resources for health and decentralization policy in the Brazilian health system

Hum Resour Health; 9 (12), 2011
BACKGROUND: The Brazilian health reform process, following the establishment of the Unified Health System (SUS), has had a strong emphasis on decentralization, with a special focus on financing, management and inter-managerial agreements. Brazil is a federal country and the Ministry of Health (MoH), thro...

The privatization of medical education in Brazil: trends and challenges

Hum Resour Health; 13 (96), 2015
Background: Like other countries, Brazil is struggling with issues related to public policies designed to influence the distribution, establishment, supply and education of doctors. While the number of undergraduate medical schools and places available on medical schools has risen, the increase in the nu...

Assessment of human resources for health programme implementation in 15 Latin American and Caribbean countries

Hum Resour Health; 13 (24), 2015
Background: The health systems in the Americas region are characterized by fragmentation and segmentation, which constitute an important barrier to expanding coverage, achieving integrated primary health care, and reducing inefficiency and discontinuity of care. An assessment of the human resources for h...

Posting and transfer: key to fostering trust in government health services

Hum Resour Health; 13 (82), 2015
Appropriate deployment or posting and transfer (P&T) of health workers – placing the right people in the right positions at the right time – lies at the heart of fostering communities’ faith in government health services and cementing the role of the health system as a core social institution. The ...