Manual for the health care of children in humanitarian emergencies
    Manuel de prise en charge des enfants en situation d'urgence humanitaire

    Año de publicación: 2008

    The objective of this manual is to provide comprehensive guidance on child care in emergencies. Existing guidelines, such as Integrated Management of Childhood Illness IMCI, assume a functioning health system that facilitates the referral of children, which may not be available in emergency situations. So this manual also includes the initial management of severe conditions. It was also realized that existing manuals do not cover injuries, burns, neonatal illness, psychosocial problems etc, which are considered of high priority in emergency settings. These are addressed in this manual as well as issues on mental health, psychosocial support and common preventive interventions such as immunization. Each chapter summarizes the main ways of diagnosis, treatment and prevention using flow charts.

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