Towards 100% voluntary blood donation: a global framework for action
    Dons de sang volontaires: objectif 100%: cadre mondial d’action

    Publication year: 2010

    Blood transfusion is a core service within health care systems and individuals who donate their blood provide a unique contribution to the health and survival of others. Every country faces an ongoing challenge to collect sufficient blood from safe donors to meet national requirements. This framework for global action outlines broad goals, strategies and action points that will enable countries to move towards 100% voluntary blood donation. The specific objectives are to provide information and guidance on the vital role of voluntary blood donors in assuring the availability of stable and sufficient supplies of safe blood for transfusion and propose a series of interlinking strategies and suggestions for concrete action at national and community levels to scale up voluntary blood donor programmes with heightened commitment and support from governments, partners and other stakeholders.
    La transfusion sanguine est un élément principal des systèmes de soins de santé et les donneurs de sang apportent une contribution remarquable à la santé et à la survie des autres. Chaque pays est confronté en permanence à des problèmes pour recueillir suffisamment de sang auprès de donneurs sûrs afin de satisfaire aux besoins nationaux. Ce cadre en faveur d’une action mondiale expose des stratégies, des mesures et des objectifs généraux qui permettront aux pays de se rapprocher de 100% de dons de sang volontaires.