European Society of Endocrine Surgeons (ESES) and European Network for the Study of Adrenal Tumours (ENSAT) recommendations for the surgical management of adrenocortical carcinoma

    Br. J. Surg; 104 (4), 2017
    Publication year: 2017


    Radical surgery provides the best chance of cure for adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC), but perioperative surgical care for these patients is yet to be standardized.


    A working group appointed jointly by ENSAT and ESES used Delphi methodology to produce evidence-based recommendations for the perioperative surgical care of patients with ACC. Papers were retrieved from electronic databases. Evidence and recommendations were classified according to the Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) system, and were discussed until consensus was reached within the group.


    Twenty-five recommendations for the perioperative surgical care of patients with ACC were formulated. The quality of evidence is low owing to the rarity of the disease and the lack of prospective surgical trials. Multi-institutional prospective cohort studies and prospective RCTs are urgently needed and should be strongly encouraged.


    The present evidence-based recommendations provide comprehensive advice on the optimal perioperative care for patients undergoing surgery for ACC.