SIE, SIES, GITMO revised guidelines for the management offollicular lymphoma

    Am. j. hematol; 90 (1), 2005
    Año de publicación: 2005

    By using the GRADE system, we updated the guidelines for management of follicular cell lymphoma issuedin 2006 from SIE, SIES, and GITMO group. We confirmed our recommendation to frontline chemoimmuno-therapy in patients with Stage III–IV disease and/or high tumor burden. Maintenance rituximab was alsorecommended in responding patients. In patients relapsing after an interval longer than 12 months fromfrontline therapy, we recommended chemoimmunotherapy with non cross-resistant regimens followed byrituximab maintenance. High dose chemotherapy followed by hematopoietic stem cell transplant wasrecommended for young fit patients who achieve a response after salvage chemoimmunotherapy.

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