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    Guideline No. 405: screening and counselling for alcohol consumption during pregnancy

    J. obstet. gynaecol. Can; 42 (9), 2020
    To establish national standards of care for screening and counselling pregnant women and women of child-bearing age about alcohol consumption and possible alcohol use disorder based on current best evidence. Health care providers who care for pregnant women and women of child-bearing age. Pregnant women ...

    Perinatal-Neonatal Management of COVID-19 Infection: guidelines of the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI), National Neonatology Forum of India (NNF), and Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP)

    Indian pediatr; 57 (), 2020
    During the current rapidly evolving pandemic of COVID-19 infection, pregnant women with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 and their newborn infants form a special vulnerable group that needs immediate attention. Unlike other elective medical and surgical problems for which care can be deferred during the p...