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    The Miami International Evidence-Based Guidelines on minimally invasive pancreas resection

    Annals of Surgery; (September 16), 2019
    Objective: The aim of tis study was to develop and externally validate the first evidence-based guidelines on minimally invasive pancreas resection (MIPR) before and during the International Evidence-based Guidelines on Minimally Invasive Pancreas Resection (IG-MIPR) meeting in Miami (March 2019). Summar...

    European Hernia Society guidelines on the closure of abdominal wall incisions

    Hernia; 19 (1), 2015
    BACKGROUND: The material and the surgical technique used to close an abdominal wall incision are important determinants of the risk of developing an incisional hernia. Optimising closure of abdominal wall incisions holds a potential to prevent patients suffering from incisional hernias and for important ...

    Laparoscopic ventral/incisional hernia repair: updated Consensus Development Conference based guidelines

    Surg. endosc; 29 (9), 2015
    BACKGROUND: The Executive board of the Italian Society for Endoscopic Surgery (SICE) promoted an update of the first evidence-based Italian Consensus Conference Guidelines 2010 because a large amount of literature has been published in the last 4 years about the topics examined and new relevant issues. M...