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    Chronic diarrhoea: Definition, classification and diagnosis

    Gastroenterol. hepatol; 39 (8), 2016
    Chronic diarrhoea is a common presenting symptom in both primary care medicine and in specialized gastroenterology clinics. It is estimated that >5% of the population has chronic diarrhoea and nearly 40% of these patients are older than 60 years. Clinicians often need to select the best diagnostic approa...

    British Society of Gastroenterology position statement on serrated polyps in the colon and rectum

    Gut; 66 (7), 2017
    Serrated polyps have been recognised in the last decade as important premalignant lesions accounting for between 15% and 30% of colorectal cancers. There is therefore a clinical need for guidance on how to manage these lesions; however, the evidence base is limited. A working group was commission by the ...

    Guía de práctica clínica para el diagnóstico y tratamiento de la colitis ulcerativa en población adulta

    Rev. colomb. gastroenterol; 30 (supl.1), 2015
    Objetivo: desarrollar una guía de práctica clínica que permita orientar el diagnóstico de los pacientes con colitis ulcerativa mediante el uso adecuado de criterios clínicos y direccionar la conducta terapéutica en las diferentes etapas de la enfermedad y en los diferentes niveles de atención. Mat...