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    Swedish Society of Rheumatology 2018 guidelines for investigation, treatment, and follow-up of giant cell arteritis

    Scand. j. rheumatol; 48 (4), 2019
    To develop evidence-based guidelines for the management of giant cell arteritis (GCA) as a complement to guidelines in other areas of rheumatology, issued by the Swedish Society of Rheumatology. A working group selected key areas for recommendations, reviewed the available evidence, and wrote draft guide...

    Systematic review of nonpharmacological analgesic interventions for common needle‐related procedure in newborn infants and development of evidence‐based clinical guidelines

    Acta paediatr. (1921); 106 (6), 2017
    The aim of this literature review was to develop clinical guidelines for the prevention and control of needle‐related pain in newborn infants. The guidelines were developed by the Italian Society of Neonatology, using the Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation approach, base...