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    IV Spanish Consensus Conference on Helicobacter pylori infection treatment

    Gastroenterol. hepatol; 39 (10), 2016
    Helicobacter pylori approximately infect 50% of Spanish population and causes chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer and gastric cancer. Until now, three consensus meetings on H.pylori infection had been performed in Spain (the last in 2012). The changes in the treatment schemes, and the increasing available ev...

    Chronic diarrhoea: Definition, classification and diagnosis

    Gastroenterol. hepatol; 39 (8), 2016
    Chronic diarrhoea is a common presenting symptom in both primary care medicine and in specialized gastroenterology clinics. It is estimated that >5% of the population has chronic diarrhoea and nearly 40% of these patients are older than 60 years. Clinicians often need to select the best diagnostic approa...

    Therapeutic guidelines on ulcerative colitis: a GRADE methodology based effort of GETECCU

    Gastroenterol. hepatol; 36 (8), 2013
    Los objetivos de la Guía son: 1. Establecer recomendaciones basadas en las pruebas disponibles, para el tratamiento de inducción en el brote grave de colitis ulcerativa 2. Establecer recomendaciones para el tratamiento de inducción en el brote leve- moderado de colitis ulcerativa 3. Establecer recomen...