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    Fluid therapy in neurointensive care patients: ESICM consensus and clinical practice recommendations

    Intensive care med; 41 (7), 2018
    Objective To report the ESICM consensus and clinical practice recommendations on fluid therapy in neurointensive care patients. Design A consensus committee comprising 22 international experts met in October 2016 during ESICM LIVES2016. Teleconferences and electronic-based discussions between the member...

    Oxygen therapy for acutely ill medical patients: a clinical practice guideline

    BMJ; 363 (), 2018
    What is the best way to use oxygen therapy for patients with an acute medical illness? A systematic review published in the Lancet in April 2018 found that supplemental oxygen in inpatients with normal oxygen saturation increases mortality.1 Its authors concluded that oxygen should be administered conser...

    UK guideline on transition of adolescent and young persons with chronic digestive diseases from paediatric to adult care

    Gut; 66 (6), 2017
    The risks of poor transition include delayed and inappropriate transfer that can result in disengagement with healthcare. Structured transition care can improve control of chronic digestive diseases and long-term health-related outcomes. These are the first nationally developed guidelines on the transiti...