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    A living WHO guideline on drugs for COVID-19

    BMJ; 370 (), 2020
    What is the role of drug interventions in the treatment of patients with covid-19? The latest version of this WHO living guidance focuses on remdesivir, following the 15 October 2020 preprint publication of results from the WHO SOLIDARITY trial. It contains a weak or conditional recommendation against th...

    Remdesivir for severe COVID-19: a clinical practice guideline

    BMJ; 370 (), 2020
    Clinical question: What is the role of remdesivir in the treatment of severe covid-19? This guideline was triggered by the ACTT-1 trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine on 22 May 2020.Remdesivir has received worldwide attention as a potentially effective treatment for severe covid-19. Aft...