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    European Renal Best Practice Guideline on kidney donor and recipient evaluation and perioperative care

    Nephrol. dial. transplant; 30 (11), 2015
    The European Best Practice Guideline group (EBPG) issued guidelines on the evaluation and selection of kidney donor and kidney transplant candidates, as well as post-transplant recipient care, in the year 2000 and 2002. The new European Renal Best Practice board decided in 2009 that these guidelines need...

    Summary of the British Transplantation Society guidelines for transplantation from donors after deceased circulatory death

    Transplantation; 97 (3), 2014
    The second edition of the British Transplantation Society Guidelines for Transplantation from Donors after Deceased Circulatory Death was published in June 2013. The guideline has been extensively revised since the previous edition in 2004 and has used the GRADE system to rate the strength of evidence an...